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Candidates hit the art trail as campaign hots up

(May 31, 2009)
paintingTWO indpendent candidates took  time off from the election trail in Warminster to hit the Wylye Valley Art Trail.
Smallbrook Studio is one of a number of artists’ workshops and homes opened up for the event and will remain open until next Sunday.
It is the home of Margaret Stanley but also included three other local artists - Yvonne Carlyon, Carol Hayslip and Elizabeth Aspinall.
Elizabeth , who lives at Batheaston and whose day job is at the University of the West of England , said: “We are all part of the colourist movement which has a strong Scottish connection.
“I think all four of us have been influenced by the Bath based artist Jackie Harding.”
Its her first time on the Wylye Valley Art Trail.
Steve Dancey said: “The relative cool of the tents made a welcome change to the dusty streets and stiff letterboxes and I was very impressed by the powerful use of colours in these artworks.
“Well work a look and if you are looking for something to fill that piece of bare wall why not pop in?”
The Studio is open in the garden of 2 Smallbrook Road, between 10.30 and 5.30pm until 7 June.
There are a quite a few artists’ premises open in Warminster and the Wylye Valley including that of Georgie Welch.
Paul Macdonald visited her studio at Sutton Veny and after viewing her works picked up a box of trail guidebooks.
 "If any one would like one please ask me when I am out campaigning," said Paul.
Pictured below: Sutton Veny artist and sculptress Georgie Welch (right) explains one her latest projects aimed at the Middle East market to visitor Julia Wolfe as she adds the finishing touches to the beak of a falcon.

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