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Tories say 'Time for Change' - yes it is

(May 31, 2009)
WE are hoping that many people will take note of the large poster outside the town’s Conservative Club which asks people to ‘Vote for Change’.
Change is indeed what we need.
At present in the town we have effectively a one-party statechange locally overseen a by a Labour government which is unsympathetic to Wiltshire’s needs.
Currently 11 of the 12 town councillors are Conservatives, all six district councillors were Tories and one of the two county members.
“I’ve never liked the idea of political parties at local level as I know, from experience, what happens,” said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
“At County Hall the big parties hold group meetings where they decide how to vote and, if it is a group with an overall majority, that is when decisions are taken - behind closed doors.
“Things are even worse today where the system works ona cabinet and leader basis and ordinary members are excluded.
“But at last we have a great opportunity to change things.
“I’m hopeful that if a wedge of 15 or 20 independents, plus couple of UKIPs and maybe even a Green get elected then everything can be discussed openly.
“Most people would really welcome that.
“We also have a Conservative MP, and while I have no gripes with the first past the post system, it does seem unfortunate that the county constituencies of Wiltshire have not elected anything other than a Conservative since 1924.”


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