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Opponents could be stuck at third man

(May 31, 2009)
Two Independents who have gone out to bat on behalf of their community in the latest test matching them against the spin of others have notched another significant century partnership.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald have recorded their thirteenth 100 unique visitor on their website since 15th March 2009.
"We know we have tossed a few good searching balls of our own at the others," said Paul.
"But it is the public who seem to really appreciate the way we are playing a straight bat at the wicket at this important time for Warminster.
"We have exposed the 'silly point' two horse race position that has been taken by those batting for the LibDems and the 'over-pitch' of the Conservatives claiming credit for the good work of others such as Bluez 'n' Zuz.
"Most of all on the doorstep we have stuck to talking about positive ideas to take the town forward and this has caught the public imagination.
"In my ward perhaps it is time the public said 'six and out' to the current councillors who never seem to be there to field questions."
Steve and Paul have so far proved a creditable opening partnership for what could prove to be the shout of 'howzat' emanating from the concerned citizens of Warminster West and East on Thursday 4th June.
"The others could well find themselves caught on a sticky wicket come Thursday," added Steve.

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