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Vision spread far and wide

(June 04, 2009)
THE news that Warminster has a 'vision' website has spread far and wide internationally but is also bringing a more local response.
A Frome resident has been in touch having read our coverage of the closure of Woolworths in the High Street after looking at the hot topics going back many months and inquiring about Waitrose.
'Iceland have now taken over the old Woolworths.'
Waitrose have been mentioned in a planning application for the Dents site in Fairfield Road.
"The use of Woolworths is currently being actively considered by a group lead by a former district councillor but at the last meeting I attended he did not appear to want to reveal too much," said Paul Macdonald.
"Steve Dancey and myself have talked about this and a nearby eyesore," said Paul.
"We are positive that with the right 'can do' attitude this could once again become a viable commercial site."

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