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Warminster two in the new County Hall cabinet

(June 16, 2009)

TWO people representing ‘Warminster’ divisions have been selected by the Conservative administration to be members of the Wiltshire cabinet at County Hall.

Cllr Keith Humphries (Warminster Broadway) will take on the portfolio which includes, among other things, licensing and emergency planning, while Fleur de Rhe Philipe (Warminster Without) will have the finance job.

The leader remains Mrs Jane Scott while John Thompson stays as deputy leader.

“I don’t like the system of leader and cabinet used in local government one little bit but we can’t blame the local Tories as it was foisted on them by the Government, notably Prescott, in 2001,” said Steve Dancey for VFW.

“We should congratulate the two local members for gaining these positions and hope they make wise decisions.

“The new council starts with a clean sheet so it only fair that we give those in charge a fair chance.

“I don’t envy them as within two years we will undoubtedly have a Conservative government making significant cuts to public spending and those in charge will have some difficult choices to make.

“I don’t know the two local members at all - the only person I have seen put under pressure at meetings is John Thompson who gave a good account of himself.

“However, looking at the list of officers now at the council I can’t help thinking we are going to have an officer-led council for the next four years.

“Watch out to see if they start to sell off public assets - and we’ll be watching to see who buys them.”

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