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Decision time for town shopping plan

(June 17, 2009)
On Monday evening Warminster Town Council will decide whether or not to back the Stockland plan to develop part of the town centre around the library.
Stockland UK, the owners of the |Three Horseshoes Mall, have plans to change the existing car park around to introduce a new supermarket and provide a new building to house the library, museum and tourist information centre.
They propose achieving all this with new car parking arrangements with pedestrian walkways and 'hard and soft landscaping'.
Town councillors do not make the decision but their views carry weight with those who do on the Wiltshire Council.
"It will be interesting what Cllr. Davis has to say," says former councillor Paul Macdonald.
"He is the only Wiltshire Council member who sits on the town's planning advisory committee and a member of the political party in control in Trowbridge.
"Most of the land needed is in the ownership of county hall and currently the two hours free area is subsidised by the town."
"There is a lot at stake here."
The meeting starts at 7pm at Dewey House in North Row.
Steve Dancey, added: "I'm convinced that most people in the town do not like this plan.
"There are worries about the setting of the Avenue School and many are opposed to the idea of demolishing a perfectly good library building.
"I share their concerns - throw it out."
*The first local area board meeting of the Wiltshire Council will take place at Kingdown School on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm.

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