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Interest in this site intensifies after election

(June 18, 2009)
The popularity and interest in a website launched to encourage debate and discussion about the future of Warminster nine months ago is now very visible for all internet users to see.
On the two co-authors added a counter at the bottom of their home page on 15th March 2009 to be completely open about the interest being shown.
"I suppose it could have been a bit of a risk as it may have undermined the challenge we are making to civic leaders to take up the ideas that are being put forward on behalf or ordinary resident," said Paul Macdonald.
"If a handful of people logged on then we would have been open to ridicule.
"I looked today and it now shows over 1600 individuals have been recorded looking at our ideas in three months."
The number of hits will have been bolstered by Steve Dancey and Paul standing as Independents in the local council elections delivering 2,000 election addresses each to just over half of the town.
"However, in the ten days since the votes were counted, 225 newcomers plus two from the USA and one from Norway have dropped in for a look around."
The latest pages include pictorial coverage of the Warminster Wobble, George Jolley leading a civic pride initiative, and more additions to the website links.

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