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The unpalatable truth about Morrisons

(July 10, 2009)

SITTING down for a Sunday lunch is still a tradition in many British homes but in Warminster it isn’t without its pitfalls.

The problem is with the suppliers in the town or should we say the main monopoly supplier in Warminster, Morrisions. plate

“Last week I bought pork, so called King Edward potatoes and all the veg from this supermarket and cooked it as usual and ended up with a meal even I couldn’t eat,” said VFW’s Steve Dancey.

“It was totally devoid of taste I wasn’t the only one around the table to think this.

“When is this company going to realise that people want something better than a bog-standard supermarket?

“One thing we can be sure of is that Morrisons will not up their game until they have some decent competition here and that means a Waitrose or Sainsburys.

“I won’t be using them again to buy future Sunday lunches, that is one thing they can be sure of.

“They could also help improve their standing by extending their opening hours.

“I doubt if there are many other towns with a population the same as Warminster (17,300) where the main supermarket closes at 8pm most nights.

“Even tiny Bradford on Avon does better than Warminster while Frome shoppers get until 10pm.”

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