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WETS wages war on weeds

(July 19, 2009)
MEMBERS of George Jolley’s WETS environmental team tackled their biggest job to date - Primrose Lane.
The footpath links Weymouth Street and Sambourne and pathneeded a lot of TLC.
There was significant weed growth across much of the pathway and a large amount of soil had slipped down the bank along most of the length making it difficult for some people, especially the visually impaired, to use the path in safety.
Eight volunteers, including a Copheap Lane couple with a small trailer, managed to clear away soil and undergrowth from about the first 60 yards at the eastern end of the path.
“It was fairly hard work with several barrow loads of soil to be cleared away so there remains quite a length still to be tackled,” said Steve.
“The plan is to return to the area next Sunday to finish the job - weather permitting.”
If you would like to help clean up the town meet in Weymouth Street at 10am and enjoy a couple of hours of manual labour and work up a good appetite. Bring your own shovel!
One surprise was the almost total lack of litter - though there is some at the western end of the path which is still to be clearer.
Pictured: The newly cleared footpath.

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