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New pavings are cracking under the strain

(July 19, 2009)

ANOTHER stage in the long-running highway work in the middle of the town is now well under way - but there are now already some problems surfacing on the sections completed.

Several of the expensive paving stones are cracking up.

crack1“The problems are most visible close to the empty building which used to house The Factory Shop - the building which was Kelsey’s gents outfitters for so many years ,” said Steve.

“The paving stones used have been of good quality and could in normal circumstances be expected withstand the level of pedestrian traffic expected.

“Looking at the position of the cracked stones it appears to me as if the cracking has been caused by heavy vehicles being driven across them - one piece of damage looks to have been caused by a heavy weight being dropped.

“While you expect some wear this is early days to be finding this damage.

“Normally there is a contract insisting that the contractor crack 2 makes good any defects within one year of the completion of the job.

“But does that apply if the damage is caused by a third party and not by a fault in the materials or in workmanship?”

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