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Two unique users of VFW since 15 March

(July 30, 2009)
Is Two Thousand and Nine anything to get excited about a Prime Minister might be asking but for two residents of a Wiltshire town providing inspiration to drive their community out of the doldrums it is a great result.
"We added a counter to the bottom of the website on a Saturday in the middle of March," said co-author Paul Macdonald.
"Our ideas since then have attracted over 2,000 new individual visits.
"I think we are certainly putting our town forward in a positive manner and it is being shown by the responses in a whole series of other ways."
The initiative that has seen a widespread debate about the state of the town hall which should be the pride of the rural town is spreading further and further.
"How are you getting on finding more for the youngsters to do?," saw Paul explain that now was probably the right time to regain community use of the town centre property.
The website led by former councillor Steve Dancey has an imaginative set of proposals which would address the  needs of the younger community.
An alcohol free bar in the former wine bar at the base through to a dance floor at the top.
All as part of a comprehensive review of the community availabilty of suitable use of ublic buildings.

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