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Town Hall to get spiked

(August 23, 2009)

VISIONFORWARMINSTER has discovered that the town hall could be fitted with spikes to defeat the pigeon problem.

Previously when we had voiced this option we had been told that the conservation officer at WWDC had blocked any such idea because the town hall is in the centre or a conservation area and is a grade II listed building in its own right.

“This was a nonsensical view as the damage being done to the fabric of the building and the surrounding area by several hundred roosting pigeons far outweighs any potential loss of aesthetic appeal resulting from spikes,” said Steve Dancey for VFW.

“Now that West Wilts has been given the boot and been replaced by WC it seems that the conservation officer has a new view on this matter.

“This is just as well as we were about to display photos of a civic building in Trowbridge which used to to be the headquarters of the county council before it moved to County Hall in 1939.

“That building is in the centre of Trowbridge and is also a listed building - it has anti-pigeon spikes.

“We also have views of the majestic 1825 Guildhall in Andover (pictured) where the guildhallspikes are extremely effective in making the pigeons move on.”

The challenge is now to find a way of fitting the spikes without advancing the financial interest of any private individual or organisation.
Pictured below is a close-up of the spikes used at the Andover Guildhall, taken from an upstairs window at the front of the building. The building is in the ownership of the local council.

* VFW is increasing concerned that some in the community insist on calling this building the ‘Old’ Town Hall. This guildhall spikesdescription of ‘old’ only arrived on the scene when a firm of solicitors (Etheringtons) occupied the building in the 1990s and they wished to ensure that potential clients realised that they were not council solicitors.

It is also tautology - there is only one town hall in Warminster so no needs to call it the old, new, big stone or anything else etc etc.

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