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Last leg for scheme - and some shops?

(September 01, 2009)
PATIENCE is a virtue it is claimed and yet more of it is going to be needed in Warminster as yet another one-way system appears to enable the snail like progress along the pavements by slab layers to progress.
It is now the start of stage four of the town centre improvements program to widen pavements, curtail on-street parking, and narrow the carriageway.
At the Weymouth Street traffic lights no right turns will be allowed into the Market Place as a safety issue requires just one lane of traffic to protect council workers and pedestrians.
This time the Copheap rat run will be in place for four to five weeks.
There is a statement which the council hopes will cheer exasperated locals.
'We understand the inconvenience to traders, residents and the travelling public alike when employing a one-way restriction on the Market Place.
In order to progress the works as quickly as possible, the contractor will be working extended hours, including evenings and weekends in an attempt to reinstate the 'two-way' flow at the earliest opportunity.
"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all road users, taxi drivers, local residents and traders for their continued patience during these works.'
"As someone who listens to the local radio station broadcasting that thank you at every opportunity I would just say we the people have no choice but to be patient," said Paul Macdonald.
"And we have had over three years practise now.
"There is another saying. 'To sit like patience on a monument.' Perhaps if this is ever completed we should erect a monument to the patience of the people of Warminster."
The town centre improvements management will be on hand at a public surgery at Dewey House in North Row on Thursday 17th September at 2pm.

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