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Pigeons will soon get the point at the Town Hall

(September 02, 2009)
THE latest delay in dealing with the 'luxury pigeon loft' in the centre of Warminster has been averted as it has admitted that the town hall already has permission to have spikes fitted.
Town councillors who have slowly backed the campaign to restore the eyesore launched by co-authors Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald will be told on Monday that the pair were correct.
A Listed Building Consent was granted to the then owners of the building in 2007 by West Wiltshire District Council and a senior planning officer has confirmed that no further consent is required.
This will save the months it would have taken to get the paperwork through the new Wiltshire Council.
"I hope this point now having been made officially will see the pigeons get the point in the shape of spikes in the very new future," said Paul.
"At a cost of £4.20 per metre for the spikes which are approved by the RSPB this project should easily fly in the face of any opposition."
A knee jerk reaction to the outcry sparked by the website last year saw the town council vote to set aside a four figure sum to match anything the owner spent and a wash-down was carried out.
This year saw a team of volunteers carry out a spring clean. The disgraceful area around the former toilets was highlighted by vfw and was cleared.
(There is more on the work of the WETS team on the vfw website).
"Today the decay continues with a broken window evident and it is left to the imagination what is happening inside," added Paul.
"It will be interesting to see what town councillors decide to do next.. No more delay should be tolerated."
*The town council still mistakenly refer to the building donated by Lord Bath as the 'Old Town Hall'.

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