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Up the workers - wherever they are

(September 08, 2009)
FRIDAY is supposedly the busiest morning of the week for Warminster where the Market Place should be full of activity .
Not only were the shoppers missing in their droves but the promised extra flurry of activity by pavement slab layers to speedily complete the improvements scheme were also noticeable by their absence.
Not one worker was to be seen working (picture right) on the bus stop area made safe by a one way system outside digging Moretons. Nationwide, Cooper and Tanner or WSB Group businesses.
As it was mid morning it may have been tea break time. Thirty minutes later the explanation was found at the completed pavements in the High Street.
The workers that should have been busy fulfilling the promise to complete stage four of the town centre improvements scheme within four to five weeks were following behind electricity workers.
Those workers had dug up the pavements outside Mirandas Florists where slabs and a drainage channel were being carefully replaced by workers taken from the Market Place.
Over the road others were busy digging close to the Town Hall using a tracked digger with bucket attachment.
"It appeared that there was total of just four town centre improvement workers," said Paul Macdonald.
"Only two could be seen at work in the Market Place."
Paul had popped down to do shopping and found several stalls missing from the Avenue car park Friday market and only three stalls at the Farmers Market outside the library.

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