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WCR 'not a flash in the pan' - friends needed

(September 10, 2009)
The future of a community run charity that that took to the air waves in Warminster under a restricted government 28 day licence has embarked on an ambitious fund raising campaign, writes Paul Macdonald.
WCR 87.7FM brought truly local presenters into the homes and workplaces of the rural community with the help of a few sponsors for yet another summer broadcast.
Operating from former council run toilets they have proved that they are not a 'flash in the pan' providing an interesting alternative to the other choices available.
"I listened every day and found myself quite happily humming along or tapping my feet to a lot of the music that the presenters played," said Paul Macdonald who is backing their latest initiative.
"The development of the former hospital radio station to where it is today has been amazing bearing in mind the challenges they have faced.
"Now they are asking locals to become 'friends of WCR' at just ten pounds or make a donation."
The community radio station now have 'Paypal' to make it easy to donate using a credit or debit card.
"I have done just that this month. Next month I will send in the membership application form with a £10 cheque," said Paul.
"As I got all that entertainment for free for four weeks and can continue to have them on in the background on the Internet I think it is money well spent.
The radio station supporters have set themselves tough targets for the future which includes building a new £500,000 media centre at Kingdown Community College.
In three years time they would like to have a membership list which has reached a four
figure number. 
“The Trustees and Management Team aim for WCR to achieve and maintain over one hundred members by the end of 2009, which we now look set to meet," said Assistant Station Manager Andrew Robinson at the time of the launch.
"The three year membership target will be more of a challenge, but is necessary for WCR to survive, particularly in the current economic climate,” added the presenter.

If you want to help WCR meet its target of 1000 members by the end of 2012
you can become a Friend of WCR by visiting their website homepage (link available on VFW)

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