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Some more positive thinking - in the Journal

(September 26, 2009)
A FORMER councillor has written to the Warminster Journal to to 'talk up' the positive opportunities that exist in the town and to suggest an answer to a row that is about raging about the nuisance mini-moto-craze.
'The front page of the Warminster Journal covers what must be the best news story about the town for a decade or more,' wrote Paul Macdonald
'The achievements of the rugby club cannot be understated as they add to everything that is good about our town.
'For its size Warminster is the best place to live for people from all walks of life with its endless list of very good facilities including but not just the rugby club, the cricket club, the football club (and Highbury FC), the sports centre, the golf club, the hockey club and the saddle club,' he added.
Correspondents to the weekly paper have been arguing about the use of off-road motor bikes and mini-bikes leading Paul who is co-author of to suggest an answer.
'The letters column highlighted that there is still work to be done with a call for help from those interested in other pursuits,' writes Paul.
'I have been making representations since last year to councillors that the council owned land being freed up at Furnax Lane should be allocated to a project to meet new needs.
'The most popular suggestion involves a screened area including a go-kart track which doubles during school term time as an area to teach road safety.
'With a bit of imagination it could accommodate so much more. The added bonus is that it would be a tourist attraction bringing in visitors to the town to the benefit of local businesses,' he concluded.

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