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Industrial unit should be out of bounds for church

(September 27, 2009)

PLANS by an evangelical church group to take over an industrial unit and use it as a church building have been condemned by former county councillor Steve Dancey.

The unit is on the Woockcock Estate and some may recall that the building used to house a bike retailers and before that it was a kitchen showroom.

“I’m appalled to hear of this change of use application and hope that councillors and officers give it short shrift,” said Steve.

“One of the biggest problems with Warminster is the lack of people here during the week earning a living and this application will do nothing but make things worse.

“We should jealously guard all of our employment sites unless there are over-riding reason why they should cease being employment sites.

“I can see no reason why this group should be allowed to move to this location.

“I’ve no personal axe to grind nor do I have any knowledge of who they are.

“That is not relevant.”
"There are a lot of of people who backed the way forward for the town after we lost so many employment sites to housing to meet a need," adds Paul Macdonald
"Having given up the Geest site we now need to ensure employment sites are employment sites and shops are shops.
"We still believe that there is a major opportunity for job creation working with the military on land around the town."


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