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Wobble throws up a graduate opportunity

(October 05, 2009)
AFTER the success of the Warminster Wobble featured on the visionforwarminster website 'what comes next' was discussed over a cup of coffee at the weekend and has thrown up an interesting opportunity for a volunteer or two.
"I have begun to turn my attention to a cycle repair cum training cum recycling scheme for the area," explained wobble organiser Colin French.
"Wiltshire police inform me that they have a quantity of cycles that they need to find a use for so the idea of setting up a scheme similar to those in Oxford, Edinburgh etcetera has come to me.
"It may well be a good time to introduce a scheme in Warminster!"
Colin French caught up with co-authors of the busy website Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald outside the Cornmarket Cafe where they discuss the latest ideas for the town.
They usually meet at 10am on a Saturday morning supporting a local cafe with their custom.
Steve is the proud owner of three bikes and was shown the results of the survey taken at the town park wobble which was planned for one day but then became a two day event.

"My main question is, do you know any one in the area that may be interested in helping setting this up? An internship maybe for a university graduate," said Colin whose e-mail address is [email protected]
"I cannot do it alone and would be grateful for help from someone with useful skills in complementary areas."
"I remember leaving university just as the Thatcher recession started in 1979 and life was tough - this opportunity would look good on a young person's CV," added Steve Dancey.

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