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INTERNET Ukraine v England - Warminster v Recession.

(October 07, 2009)

THIS weekend's England football international will be broadcast exclusively live over the internet for the first time.


"This reinforces one the messages that we are trying to get the town council to take seriously in our," said Paul Macdonald.


"This will no doubt bring the internet to the attention of another new group of users.


"Our call for a modern website as an economic development tool promoting Warminster has seen the town council set up a communications committee."  


Paul is co-author of the vfw website with Steve Dancey and they wrote twelve months ago that the council could 'harness one very powerful tool which should be used to sell the town and which is currently being under-used.'


'That tool is the internet....complete with links in Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German and Spanish.''


The VFW website flag counter has not only recorded since March 'hits' by over 2,500 unique users from the UK but many other countries as well.


"Another year has now gone by with an almost solely administrative local authority website still running," adds Paul.


"I wonder how much longer they will take to get this under way guided professionally and trying to draw in government and EU money to help."


*Media group Perform is to show Saturday's England away clash against Ukraine on a pay-per-view basis.

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