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Bollards arrive - our commonsense solution

(October 23, 2009)
ANOTHER minor victory for commonsense has been won by as town centre improvement workers return to the centre of Warminster.
The 'Hippo paving the way for a cracking headache' headline saw former bollardscouncillor Paul Macdonald call for action to tackle the scourge of vehicles parking on the widened pavements that have taken 30 months to install (hot topic April 13th 2009).
'They will have to look at placing reinforced pavement bollards to prevent vehicles mounting the kerb and parking illegally,' said Paul six months ago.
"The bollards have now been installed outside the Chapel of St. Lawrence and Town Hall after we featured what we knew was an oversight," said Paul.
"This was a real problem and now there is another example that the authorities are going to have to take a look at.
"They need to work with the town centre pubs and businesses to co-operate over the delivery times to ensure that illegal parking in loading bays and demand does not overlap.
"I have witnessed this force a dray lorry to park on the pavement outside the Old Bell.
This issue was also highlighted by co-author and former county councillor Steve Dancey.
'There are also some problems looming when the scheme is extended near to the taxi offices (Market Place) and drivers are already speculating about what may happen,' warned Steve in April.

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