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'Son of Woolies' to open in Warminster

(October 29, 2009)
NEWS that a large store group intends to move into the empty Woolies store in the centre of the town will bring a big boost to business confidence following the end of the Warminster roadworks fiasco.
woolThe group, which has some connections with the former Woolworths company, is called Alworths. the new firm will be opening its first three UK shops in Didcot, Wokingham and Faversham early in November.
According to Warminster's mayor Tony Nicklin, the builders are already at work in Warminster, staff are being hired and an opening before Christmas is anticipated.
 Alworths has been dubbed   a new "Son-of-Woolworths" chain selling everything from picture frames to pick 'n' mix confectionery.
The grand opening of the first store on 5 November will be 100 years to the day since Frank Winfield Woolworth unveiled his "five-and-dime" concept to Britain with his first shop, in Liverpool.
The new chain will be headed by Andy Latham a former head of stores and concessions at the old Woolies.
Steve Dancey, who had been a regular shopper at the old store all his life said: ''I always suspected that this store would come back in some shape or form.
''It has been much missed by many people and to those people who may have had a hand in getting Warminster in the frame I offer my hearfelt congratulations.''

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