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More good news on the high street on shops

(November 07, 2009)
WARMINSTER'S largest remaining empty shop will soon be filled by a new business - adding a positive feel to the lead up to this Christmas.
Underneath the shop sign of the now defunct CM2 a simple poster featuring three fashion models proclaiming 'Store Twenty One Opening soon' adds to the good news that Alworths (see hot topic) are coming to Warminster.
The Three Horseshoes Walk was hit along with the high street by the sight of empty shops but steadily more and more businesses have decided there is real potential in the town with its good catchment area.
"This is good news as it goes alongside the steady arrival of small and medium size shops like Raves from the Grave, Blooms and Thorntons," said former councillor Paul Macdonald who is championing the town through
"The next step is think of ways to give the town an even bigger boost. I believe in the short term enhanced free car parking should be introduced for the lead up to Christmas across the whole town.
"I believe the ticket machines should now be set up to provide three hours free parking to allow shoppers to browse first, brunch and lunch to make their minds up, and then go back to finish their shopping."
Paul, who has experience working for a retail business in the then Three Horseshoes Mall in the 1980s, also wants those undertaking the current review of the longer term plans for the town (another hot topic) to think about increasing weekday daytime worker shopping.
"Can you imagine what it was like when we had businesses like Beswicks, Clarks, the egg packing station, and many others.
"They all stopped off in the town on their way to and from work. They had time to shop in their lunch breaks.
"We need new non-retail employment land identified within a few minutes walk and drive from the town centre providing this shopping boost with the added bonus of providing jobs for our unknown number of unemployed."

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