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(November 21, 2009)
THE end of wasteful green waste collection

PLANS to harmonise the collection of waste services across Wiltshire will result in the end of 'free green waste collection bins' if those sitting on the WC cabinet agree.
The county council's top managers want to bring ion a charged service for those people too lazy to use composters or build a compost heap and they will also agree to bring in plastic and cardboard collection within five years.
''I'm all in favour of this as green waste collection is an example of regressive spending which only benefits the well-heeled with big garden and is unnecessary,'' said Steve Dancey. It is one of the things highlighted in the Vision document under green issues.
Warminster on the Internet
A former civic leader who more than a year ago admitted that the internet was all 'double dutch' when chatting over taking Warminster forward using it has become a die-hard enthusiast about the opportunity it presents.
 "The flagcounter on our ( website now shows a Dutch interest and new visitors from an ever-wiening circle keep appearing," says Paul Macdonald.
 "This is amazing when combined with the others that have appeared including Russia and Vietnam last week as our website starts with the letter V!

Absence Granted
Veronica Burden, who as Mayoress served as the figurehead of Warminster Town, suffered what was considered a life threatening attack on her brain shortly after completing her term of office.
The town council have used special powers to grant her an extended leave of absence to recover.
Veronica is a well respected unsung volunteer haven given her time to the community in another role before she accepted the invite of the local Conservative Party to be one of their councillors.
"Her local contribution over many years which I recall being her as chairman of the Mencap charity here before her council work has clearly been recognised certainly justifies this," commented Paul Macdonald.
"I hope she will return to her civic duties in full health."

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