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Town's all singing all dancing website er... for 35 grand?????

(November 21, 2009)
WARMINSTER town councillors are looking at three different options of spending thousands of pounds on updating or replacing their website on Monday night.
There is some apprehension among those who made the call for this to happen.
Members of the communications committee will have on the table choices ranging from versions costing around between £5,000 and £10,000 or one at £35,000. This website costs just £5.88 a month to run.
The vfw website has shot past the 3,000 unique visitor figure since a UK and international flag counter was put on public view in March.
Steve Dancey, along with co-author Paul Macdonald, argued on their website right from its start in September 2009 that the internet is a tool that was being under-used.
'Warminster badly needs its own professionally produced website designed to secure interest from prospective employers across the globe - complete with links in Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German and Spanish,' they wrote.
They argued that the website 'should come under the control of Warminster town council which should be able to secure match funding from a wide variety of sources to help finance it.'
"It is an amazing coincidence but the latest new flag to appear is the Russian Federation," said Paul of their site. "The previous one was from Vietnam joining others from the far east."
"In the last year there has been a surge in Warminster websites mostly aimed at the social aspects of the town and very local commercial activity. The community is linking itself together nicely through this. 
"It is important that we as a town get this next step right or others will extend the huge lead they already have over us."

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