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INTERMEET - three wise men frank good sense and mirth

(November 22, 2009)
THE driving forces behind Warminster's  two dynamic and positive internet sites chatted for a hour face to face over breakfast about the way their internet sites are going forward.
The 'intermeet cafe' get together in Warminster brought a so far anonymous editor of the newest and increasingly 'newsiest' website face to face with two co-authors of the well established
Two months ago Simon established being spurred on by something he thought was lacking.
"I was trying to find out what was going on and thought how difficult it was," he told Paul Macdonald.
"I launched the website and run it completely as a voluntary thing."
In a short space of time he has added a wide range of community information, a news link to a local paper, and is now running a pictorial news column using a newly bought video-cum-stills camera.
Simon Burn raised some issues about the vfw project and the issue of media coverage in Warminster.
"We are not a news website," explained Steve Dancey. "We draw together the views on the long-term future of Warminster to see them debated.
"We do comment on day to day issues if they as a result of something that has appeared in our vision. Things can also become a hot topic in another way.
"If, for example, the latest road accident in Weymouth Street had been as a result of a design fault, the local authority needs to be held to account."
In the last few years there has been a surge in the number of locally run websites to give variety to the official council and specialised club and society pages on the internet.
"The good thing is each one so far appears have established its own niche," said Paul. "Having met Simon is it great to have another independent positive can do attitude surface in Warminster."
The meeting was also viewed positively by Simon who moved to the town two years ago.
"The advantage of being independent of any political party or employer's agenda is that you can say what you think, and we are all better off when a wise man speaks his mind," he commented afterwards.
"Breakfast today was spend in the company of two wise men, Paul Macdonald and Steve Dancey from Vision for Warminster.
''Both speak their minds passionately about their hopes for the town introducing well reasoned arguments for it's development. Maybe by Christmas a third wise man will be found."

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