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No progress made in tackling Fairfield water hazard

(November 24, 2009)
FAIRFIELD Road pedestrians and cyclis  once again face a drenching despite the sharp braking of motorists who spot the deep water at the last moment.
"Fairfield Road is bad again despite us raising a hot topic about it in February which alerted councillors to the growing impatience of both road and pavement users," said VFW's Paul Macdonald.
In February (Hot topics 13th February 2009) we reported that 'Town councillors have been informed that the problem is due to an illegal connection from a foul sewer into a storm water collection drain.
'Highways have been trying find out where the source comes from In the meantime it will be cleaned out.'
Both sides of the road were a problem. It is popular with everyone from schoolchildren and teachers on their way to the secondary and several primary schools to those shopping at the retail park or just on their way into town.
"This has been a problem for many years. Bearing in mind that the local councils have had ten months since we raised it to sort it I suggest anyone who gets a soaking sends the dry cleaning bill to them."
Paul believes that there may be a temporary solution this winter.
"Every time it starts to rain we need council staff to get down there and put down traffic cones to direct the traffic into the centre of the road. It is wide enough at the problem points.
"It may mean the loss of a handful of parking spaces and a reduction in traffic speedbut that has to be better than what our locals having to jump out of the way or a day at work in damp clothes."

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