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A recipe for a sore throat

(November 28, 2009)
'Oyez'! Oyez! and yet more 'Oyez! Oyez!' was in full cry today in Warminster as all that is good about the town saw the town crier 'hang on for grime death' as he carried out his civic duties from one end of the town to the other.
"It was my busiest day of the year so far," said Phil Seddon resplendent in his robes. "It started with Minster bazaar at 9.30am."
A pony and trap was laid on to speed him around the town with him hanging on the back as Santa Claus had taken the own available seat next to driver.
"I was hanging on for grim death!" he said.
Having alerted the town to the fundraiser he then sped back for the official opening.
"I can tell you that the efforts of the Beckford Wednesday Club with their shop in the Three Horseshoes Walk raised £2,000 this week," after he once again sped to carried out his (free to charities) duties.
There was no time to draw breath or silence his clanger.
"Added to that the industrious bell-ringer was then shouting the news of the Christmas Tree Festival next weekend as well as handing out small fliers on card that I will put up in the back window of my car," said Paul Macdonald.
If that was not enough he then took up various stations around the town to bellow a good word for the Warminster Philharmonic Christmas cracker show at the Athenaeum on 12th December.
If that was not enough he also found time to raise his sound levels to remind people that the afternoon offered the chance to visit the Christchurch Christmas bazaar.
"This has to be one of the busiest days of the year," he told Paul as he continued his work in the afternoon at the Christmas lights switch-on.

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