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Teen shelter reflects our vision's priority

(December 03, 2009)
ONE of VISIONFORWARMINSTER'S main proposal - a teen shelter - has moved a step closer to reality this week.
'A slightly older age group and also some who may not wish to visit the activity centres just seem to want somewhere where they can hang out away from adults,' wrote Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald last year.
'They intimidate many - especially the young children who should really be sitting on the swings.
'If they want somewhere to hang out why not ask them where, and if a suitable place is found, why not erect teen shelters just for them to do their own thing?' the co-authors of concluded.
"I was pleased to hear that the Friends of Warminster Park have now received a grant for £3,000 for a new teen shelter from the area board of Wiltshire Council," said Paul Macdonald.
"I am currently working with a local councillor on the future provision of amenities for the young  at another place where they hang out and this is encouraging news."
Paul is still arguing at every opportunity for more facilities for young people including using the land at Furnax Lane for a major project.
"The best teen shelter of all for them to go to would be our idea to take over the redundant wine bar in the town hall and run it as an alcohol free 'place to hang out'," added Paul.
The area board meeting also gave grants worth £8,000 to other groups.
“We also gave out some more grants to worthwhile causes," said Cllr. Andrew Davis afterwards.
"This is always an exciting opportunity to spend money on local projects which support the community.”
Another opportunity for local worthy causes to get their hands on this small grants must see applications completed in time for the January meeting.

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