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(December 15, 2009)

Ether of Else

WARMINSTER Town Council have rejoined the internet after more than a week lost somewhere in the ether.
 The website that had been showing a in error daily Human Resources meeting including weekends and failing to provide agendas for the meetings that are planned is open for browsing again.
 There are just two meetings left before the new year starts. CCTV (for which there is no agenda) on Wednesday and Communications next Monday (agenda awaited).
 "I think if as someone who takes an interest in their work if this happens again then I will ask to be put on their mailing list to receive a paper copy," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.

Pedestrian Safety

 Two serious injury accidents in the town centre of Warminster in a very short period of time has started raising public concerns and is being investigated by the authorities.
 After the latest two officials were stationed outside the former Threshers appealing for witnesses.
 Pedestrians are coming to grief following the town centre improvements that took years of work within weeks of the completion.
 The widening of the pavements has narrowed the carriageway that the introduction of the new set of traffic lights in the Market Place should have made the street safer.
 A former councillor and now community campaigner has been told by more than a two dozen people including professional drivers that they have concerns.
 "As an example I have been told that there is a concern about the short timing of the traffic lights between one set going red and the other turning to green at the Weymouth Street junction." added Paul Macdonald.
 "I will be happy to hear further concerns and then present them to the responsible councillor.

Soldier Safety

IT can hardly have escaped public notice that all three of those injured in recent pedestrian v car accidents on the town centre have been soldiers.
In other Wiltshire centres where there are large numbers of servicemen the Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has been showing a special road safety film designed for Year 11 pupils - it rams home the dangers in graphic detail.
''I now understand that the fire brigade is preparing a new film drawn up with the military community specifically in mind,'' said Steve Dancey of VFW.
''I would suggest they press ahead with the filming and in th meantime perhaps the existing film should be shown to those based in Warminster as road accidents are such preventable tragedies.''

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