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(December 18, 2009)
Has grit warning been heeded?
AS much of Wiltshire braces itself for an early dose of winter snow there are still worries that we might run out of salt for the roads - as happened last year when the county failed to grit roads one Saturday morning.
We hear they have 10 per cent more than is needed in a the average winter - but the way things are headed this looks far from being an average winter. Last year we warned that, historically, snowy winters usually come in a series every 30 years and we are now due another few. eg 1978-1983, 1942-47, 1906-1912 and the 1880s.
Boreham Saga
 The long running saga of a piece of land long used as a transport yard in Warminster's Boreham  a  will continue into another decade.
 F&S Gibbs Transport has operated from Boreham Road in Warminster for as long as many can remember using an entrance along the very narrow Smallbrook Road.
 In their latest applications to develop part of the site for housing they were refused permission  for three terraced homes.
 "Is it not about time that a councillor called a meeting and brought all the interested parties including neighbours together and found a way forward," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.
Lingerie Uplift
 As one Market Place shop closes for ever so another one has been given an uplift with the go ahead for Liz Trojak's plan to open a Lingerie shop in Wilson and Kennards Yard.
 The premises which last served a religious purpose is tucked away in another Warminster corner which is already home to Warminster Masonic supplying a niche market.
 It has no parking but in support of the application her letter stated that is was easily approached by foot with a new pedestrian crossing in the middle of Market Place and was easily accesible to wheelchair users.
 "We really need to talk up Warminster," said Paul Macdonald. "Someone soon will cotton on to the fact that we have so much to offer at all levels of enterprise."

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