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Youth Council edges nearer

(February 07, 2010)
ONE of the projects highlighted in the VisionforWarminster document is the need for a youth council in Warminster.
The idea is catching one elsewhere in Wiltshire with next one due to be established at Amesbury - 19 miles east of Warminster
Elections are to take place on 9 March to establish Amesbury's Youth Council.  Representatives will be from The Stonehenge School and Amesbury-based youth organisations.
 The constitution will be decided at the first meeting following the election.
 The Youth Council will give a voice to the youth of the town, and help to ensure their representation in future local developments.
Well done Amesbury Town Council, the school and all of those involved.
* Warminster Town Council are talking about the Youth Council idea as part of the work of the Mayoral Initiative Group. Cllr. Chris March has promised to report back to a future meeting of the full council.

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