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HOUSING PLANS FOLLOW VFW'S LEAD - what about the old?

(February 18, 2010)
NEWS that Wiltshire is to build 50+ new council houses to be run by the council is a vindication of a policy put forward by Visionforwarminster more than a year ago.
Readers of the vision's housing section will know that we very quickly realised that the model used to bring on new social housing wasn't going to work at a time of very limited house building.
The recession and near bankruptcy of many big builders meant that a new approach was required - that of council housing.
''I'm really pleased that this is happening but I'm also surprised that the council has had the good sense to do this,'' said Steve Dancey of VFW.
''Last year when we came up with this policy it was very much a wish but don't expect it to happen idea, so full marks to WC's cabinet for coming on board.''
Housing associations can also be a mixed blessing - some good but some others more interested in glossy promotion and PR - and big salaries for their bosses.
Another interesting piece of news today is that the Audit Commission says that local authorities are not preparing for our rapidly greying population.
We welcome this impetus from the Commission and would plead with local councils to look at our proposals for the Assembly Rooms in Warminster which would help cater for the elderly.

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