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Speed watch coming to Boreham Road........

(February 24, 2010)

COMMUNITY Speed Watch is coming to a road near you after a police officer has given evidence to local councillors that there is a problem.

Boreham Road in Warminster is no stranger to campaigns about speeding motorists.

"I well remember years ago standing there armed with a stopwatch pen and clipboard with two chums carrying out a survey," said Paul Macdonald.

"The only vehicle that obeyed the speed limit was the milk float!"As a result of that campaign the county council eventually provided a lower speed limit past  and two zebra crossings.

Community Speed Watch is the latest initiative to help people reduce traffic speeding along their roads.

The scheme enables members of the public to work with council officers and the police to raise profile of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally.

Boreham Road already has a vehicle activated sign. It could now be joined by a poster campaign and volunteers trained to use radar speed guns.

The use of the radar devices does not lead to prosecution as drivers will get a letter from the police instead. Last year 33503 vehicles were checked during a week long survey with nearly 20,000 breaking the speed limit.

This has led the police to conclude that 'this site does meet the criteria for Community Speedwatch.'

"I think we can all welcome this as it is a busy route and also sees lots of schoolchildren not only going to St. John's but to Kingdown as well," added Paul.

 *Councillors will discuss the next steps at their area board meeting on Thursday 4 march at Dewey House.

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