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Digital coming - but what about poor reception?

(February 28, 2010)
TECHNOLOGY never seems to stand still for long and for those of us who are old enough to recall the switch from television's 405 lines to 625 lines the world is about to get a good deal more confusing.
From 24 March the transition from analogue to digital transmission will begin with the loss of BBC2 from the analogue airwaves and the other channels will go in a matter of weeks.
It means that every TV will either need built in equipment or a set top box - then there's the advent of HD TV but that's another issue.
The only other option will be to swing your aerial round to try to pick up any signal that could be available from the Isle of Wight or Hannington transmitters as the south TV region doesn't go digital for another two years. These are much further away than the Mendip transmitter and you'll be lucky to get much joy.
''I'm not a huge fan of the digital TV service but I'm told that once the analogue signal has gone the new digital services will have their power boosted significantly,'' said Steve Dancey of VFW.
''I've been told that the current digital signal is only running at 20 per cent of its maximum so hopefully this will reduce the problems we sometimes get, particularly in windy weather.
''The sad thing is that there will be some who will be left behind and will lose their television service and won't know how to get it back.
''There have been attempt to identify these people but like all safety nets there will be those who slip through.''
There's also news of a new mast coming on song late in April which will enable 3 to provide new and reliable pay-as-you-go mobile broadband internet hubs services to Warminster - from what I hear it it will be very good value for money and will offer Skype.

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