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Another community celebrates its historic town hall

(March 16, 2010)
ANOTHER small community not a million miles from Warminster will celebrate saving its town hall on Friday after a 300,000 pound refurbishment paid for by grants.
While our city fathers sit on their hand the businesslike folk of Stockbridge, stockjust east of Salisbury, will be celebrating the reopening of their town hall on Friday.
Stockbridge is just a village with no more than 700 residents but it has a town high street and a town hall, like ours, dating back to the 19th century.
Thanks to significant grant aid, including 100,000 pounds from Violia, the work on the historic building has been completed.
''Once again it shows what can be done if there is a leadership with imagination to harness public enthusiasm for a popular project,'' said Steve Dancey.
''I never cease to be amazed at what can be achieved in some of our smaller communities.
 ''They seem to be able to attract grant money from people like the lottery - even if they are some of the most wealthy communities in the country.
''The Wallops for example attracted a six figure sum for their hall and only yesterday I was in tiny Enford near Pewsey where a magnificent new hall has just been constructed to serve a village of no more than 300 souls.
''Perhaps our leaders should get out and about more so that they can see what others have achieved and lift their aspirations for Warminster.
''We want to build a quality town.''

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