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What does a new Waitrose store look like?

(April 08, 2010)
NEWS that the deal to bring a Waitrose store to the town looks like becoming a reality has been welcomed by most.
But while most of us know what to expect inside the store, what about the exterior and the visual impact on Fairfield Road?
Locally the organisation has stores at Salisbury, Bath and Gillingham - but waitrosethese were all built some time ago so what is  a new Waitrose store likely to look like.
Look no further as we have tracked down the partnership's newest store which has just opened in the cathedral city of Winchester.
Like the one proposed in Warminster it has been built on a brown field site - the site of the former Derek Warwick Honda dealership on the edge of the city in the direction of Sparsholt College.
It also has a group of small shops nestling alongside the development and from this it looks likely that Warminster will also attract its first chain coffee shop as people like Costa Coffee  will see Waitrose shoppers as likely customers.
''On balance I welcome the arrival of Waitrose as although it won't meet the needs of everyone here it will give us more choice, attract shoppers in from other towns which will help secure the vitality of Warminster as a shopping centre and most importantly enable Dents to stay in the town,'' said Steve Dancey, a former Dents employee.
''I'm less keen on the arrival of a chain coffee shop as we already have a good choice of cafes which give the town an individual character, but I suppose it is a price worth paying.''
Waitrose is of course well known for being a good employer.

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