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Warminster 'kicked hard' by unitary authority says Mayor

(April 17, 2010)
The Mayor of Warminster is promising not to 'lie down' or take a 'hard kick' from the unitary authority without doing something in the last few days of his office.
"I am calling an extraordinary council meeting for May 12th to solely discuss the car parking changes," said Cllr. Tony thNicklin.
"We am not going to quietly lie down. It will be about who gets free parking as a right and will take into account the state of affairs in other towns."
The town is currently signing up to a petition that is in local shops organised by local retailers. He made comparisons with neighbouring towns where there are exceptions to the general rule to support their call.
"Warminster have been kicked hard by the unitary authority," claimed Cllr. Nicklin.
"Westbury seems to have been given an offer now. We only have an offer to talk about car parking charges without any figures. I am hoping to get people here on the 12th with something to put on the table."
"I like shopping in Warminster," Gillingham resident Eric Dolman told before co-author Paul car parking dolmanMacdonald introduced him to the Mayor (pictured)
"I visit my sister in Horningsham then pop into town for a couple of hours," he explained.
"It is a shame that they are going to get rid of those two hours. I am sure they will lose a lot of trade."
The venue for the meeting on Monday 12th May has yet to be decided.
*The Mayor added that the date of the next Wiltshire Council area board has been put back a week

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