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Solid opposition to WC's car parking hike

(April 21, 2010)
THE time and venue of a special Town Council meeting called in response to the public furore about car parking charges being radically changed in Warminster have been announced by the Mayor (see hot topics - 17th April).
"I have organised shop posters to advertise that the meeting will at the Assembly Rooms at 7pm on Wednesday 12th May," Kay Langley car parking(pictured) of Town Pets in the Market Place told visionforwarminster.
"I am asking everyone to please attend this public meeting."
The new all-singing all-dancing Wiltshire Council made an astronomic demand to the town council to continue the previous district council agreement to allow two hours free parking.
This is the latest issue that has needed a public meeting at the venue that was itself the subject of a meeting on March 31st that discussed town council plans to spend £1.3 million on it.
It led to the calling of a parish poll today (Thursday 22nd April).
"I am really pleased that the Mayor Tony Nicklin is on the ball about the car parks issue," said Paul Macdonald running the Assembly Rooms referendum poster campaign.
"I think there should be some very strong negotiation between the town and Wiltshire Council who are clearly being outrageous with their hike.
"They should be mindful that as Tories run both councils some people may take all of this into account when they vote on May 6th."
Steve Dancey added: ''I think this issue is so important that the local MP should be prepared to bang a few heads together to ensure that an acceptable deal is reached.
''It's clear that Warminster has been short-changed and I don't like it.''

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