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Complaint to Ombudman under consideration over car parking

(June 04, 2010)
VFW's Steve Dancey is currently looking at the option of making a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman about Wiltshire Council.
The complaint will be in connection with the county council's policy of imposing car parking charges in the town but treating other towns more favourably.
''To my mind there has been a clear case of 'maladministration causing injustice' in the way the council has treated us,'' said Steve, who is a former leader of the Independent group at County Hall.
''I'm actually quite shocked at the arrogant way they have performed as when I was a member of the council Wiltshire was a byword for doing things properly and with due consideration.
''Things have rather gone to pot since the introduction of the 'cabinet and leader' system of governance in 2003.
''There are a number of matters to consider and hoops to jump through before I can make a complaint but this is notice to the council that we will not tolerate this gross unfairness.
''I will use every possible avenue available to try to block this.''
Vision for Warminster will issue a press release on Wednesday outlining the precise legal situation following further investigation.
In practice councils always abide by the findings of the LGO.

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