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Warminster Wobble adds in extra features

(June 09, 2010)

The Warminster Wobble this year has added a new challenge for the more energetic cyclists to take a unique advantage of the opportunities that the town park offers.

"This year we’re giving the opportunity to ride in wobble10a time trial challenge on a small course only a stones throw away from the all the activities," organiser Colin French told vfw tonight.

"The Mountain Bike Trophy Challenge is being run on the Sunday and there is a short video about it on our website.

"Thank you for your link and our advert goes in the Warminster Journal with full details this week."

The Warminster Wobble website (on our links) describes the course as 'rough and steep in places with both downhills and uphills… but more downhills, so a mountain bike is definitely weapon of choice.

'You can bring your own bike or use a bike supplied by ourselves.'

With about ten minutes to complete prizes will add to the fun of this new event at the Lakeside Pleasure grounds.

There is no need to register before hand and the organisers are 'toying' with the idea of the ten quickest riders taking part in a 'cup final'.

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