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WETS volunteers undergo jungle training in Warminster

(June 15, 2010)
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A TEAM of volunteers led by George Jolley cleared the jungle that had become of footpaths to the Lake Pleasure Grounds just in time for the Carnival fun days.

 Four locals met up with George and local councillor Chris March on the second Sunday of the month to tackle over 500 yards of overgrown stinging nettle and bramble infested public footpath.
 Two hours later the paths that lead to the town park at the far end of the lake from the Plants Green cul-de-sac and the route In East Street over the road from the Rose and Crown were cleared of overgrowth.
 "I tried using the path the other day in flip-flops," said one grateful Plants Green resident the next day.
 "I was hopping over and around stinging nettles all the way."
Another Plants Green resident was so pleased that she sent down six tumblers filled with lime cordial squas to refresh the workers.
 The work was also appreciated by a teenager on Sunday as vfw Paul Macdonald was busy with his camera
following the scarecrow trail (see hot topics).
 "I always wanted to use that after going to the skate-park but no way - jose!"
 "There are steps up. How cool is that!"
 The Warminster Environmental Teams Services also works daily with its supporters popping out to clean-up locally.
 "I have to give a mention to those that keep the area up to the Copheap War Memorial tidy," added George.

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