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First mention of Christmas and its only June

(June 19, 2010)
"Oyez!, Oyez! The friends of Cancer Research UK are holding philsa pre-Christmas sale, I say, a pre-Christmas sale at the Red Cross Hut today. Everybody welcome. God save the Queen." had the desired effect.
In the middle of June on a very bright and sunny summer day it stopped many passers-by in their tracks..
Warminster town crier Phill Seddon had even joined in the spirit of the occasion.
"I am wearing green stockings to look like a Christmas tree," said Phil on the busy market day today (Friday 18th June).
"I was even asked where are my baubles," added Phil. "I'm not saying I replied!"
The Red Cross hut has long been home to the local branch of the charity and they had even laid on a free mince pie and cup of tea as well.

* It isn't simply confined to Warminster, added Steve Dancey. ''I was at a meeting in Tidworth on Friday and the local garrison commander mentioned the pre-Christmas fayre at Tedworth House in September!!!''
''Many people still haven't paid for last year's bash/''

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