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Resident calls in Paul after councillors fail again at The Rock

(June 20, 2010)
A community campaigner has been called into action again as residents of a hidden lane in Warminster fear the worst when they try to drive from their homes into a busy road.
"There is no doubt the very minor junction of Rock Lane and rockBoreham Road can be very dangerous at times," said Paul Macdonald.
"As just one instance I have personally witnessed a cyclist swerve into a perilous situation as a small car tried to pull out while a wedding at the church was going on.
"What a disaster it would be if a joyous occasion should result in a tragedy."
Local resident Paul Macdonald has decided to act as another local resident who lives in Rock Lane approached him on the same day complaining about the regular problems.
"He told me that it is not the occasional wedding or funeral at the church but the school drop-off and pick-up times as well," explained Paul.
"He added that he has given up talking to local councillors about it so on my regular daily stroll I  took an extra interest."
The very next day he had the perfect example to photograph which shows that no motorist is acting illegally but certainly unaware of the danger they are creating.
Using the Wiltshire Council website Paul clicked on to the Area Board section and reported the concerns.
"I have found that this has been an effective way of dealing with local issues in the past," says Paul.
"I have suggested both short term and long term answers to the problem.
"This is very important because this section of road is the only one in Warminster that has been identified as needing a community speedwatch team.
"After several weeks waiting I am now looking to a speedy reaction on the part of the council to this," adds Paul.
"Especially as I believe a simple bit of white paintwork as was provided at the Obelisk Terrace junction or a bit of yellow paint for no-parking lines will do the job."

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