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Today's budget - we told you the size of the cuts on 21 Dec 2009

(June 22, 2010)
TODAY'S emergency budget has more than confirmed some news we broke exactly six month ago concerning the magnitude of the cuts we could expect to face from 2011. (see what we said here)
Back on 21 December 2009 we revealed how we had had access to some sensitive information gleaned from the highest level which showed that Wiltshire would face five per cent year on year cuts over three years.
Today's budget has shown a 25 per cent reduction in non-ringfenced expenditure over four years but we believe things will not be quite as severe in Wiltshire.
''In the years of profligacy under Labour Wiltshire wasn't treated very well so now there are cuts they won't be quite as severe here,'' said VFW's Steve Dancey.
''However I am reliably informed that the number crunchers in Trowbridge at County Hall  are working on a 20 per cent cut over four years in Wiltshire.''
So it's five per cent a year here - we told you so six months ago.
Of course other areas of government spending such as MoD, which is to undergo a strategic defence review could have a big impact here.
What could happen - who knows? but inevitably the services will be trimmed and leaner than before in 2011 and there will be an impact here.

Watch out for a rise in fees
"The impact that this could have on ordinary lives could be severe," adds Paul Macdonald who served on West Wiltshire District Council coping with the Thatcher years.
"The rush by Tory Wiltshire Council to use a massive hike in car parking charges in Warminster could just be the tip of the iceberg.
"And I warn the town council to be very cautious in their dealings with Wiltshire Council about taking over services.''
Paul is also urging the general public to closely follow local government decisions.
"They will not be allowed to raise council tax but they will be free carte blanche to use fees and charges," says Paul.
"Make sure you check what they impose on everything from planning application fees to the cost of requesting a copy of their agendas."

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