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Minor injuries unit should reopen in 2013 - see live debate on Wilts

(July 13, 2010)
The future of healthcare in Wiltshire was debated in Westminster Hall today after the Devizes MP Claire Perry organised an adjournment debate.
Mrs Perry is rightfully concerned that her constituency, which is the largest in area in Wiltshire, has no Minor  Injuries Unit.
In speaking up for her electors however she also spoke up for the whole of Wiltshire and pointed out the unfair treatment this county has had from the dreadful Labour government.
Our underfunding has been chronic and led to the Wiltshire PCT running up huge debts and closing hospitals.
The decisions it took were an accounting exercise and nothing to do with the health needs of the county's population.
Now that the PCT is to go and its residual responsibilities tranferred to County Hall we will be in a good position to see our MIU re-open in 2013.
''It was good to see Mrs Perry put the case for Wiltshire, backed up by Chippenham member Duncan Hames,'' said Steve Dancey.
''We in Warminster must join them, keep up the pressure and ensure we are first in the queue when it comes to getting our hospital running again on a sound footing.
''It is outrageous that the Labour Party was responsible for causing so much grief to the less well-off members of our community by effectively excluding them from this service.
''If you need MIU services, the nearest of which are seven miles away in Frome, you can only access them if you have private transport.''
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