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There's a new TARA in town

(August 05, 2010)
FAMILIES in the Boreham area of town are being offered the chance to join a residents' association at a meeting on Monday evening. (9 August)
A simple flyer produced by Pearl Johnson was distributed with a little help from her friends.
"I thought it would be good for us to have a TARA here as it would be nice to get things organised," said Pearl.
"We could do things like a trip to the seaside for the kids as well as bring together ideas to put to the housing society and council."
Longer term Pearl is hoping the community may end up with a resource centre as well as weekly coffee mornings for the elderly just one idea.
A TARA is a Tenants and Residents Association and if successfully launched can be recognised by Selwood Housing Association which then offers support.
"All of us also have problems from time to time," said Pearl.
Pearl is hoping that having a local association will prove popular although historically previous attempts have been unsuccessful.
In the west of Warminster the Obelisk TARA is already well established and is backed by former mayor Selwood Housing board member May Law.
The first meeting is being held at St. John's church hall next to the school on Monday evening at 7pm with home made refreshments on offer.
"I have said to Pearl that the local community should run with it with a positive attitude as she is describing," said former deputy mayor Paul Macdonald.
"I am trying to achieve a major improvement to Queensway play area (pictured) which came very close to success but has now hit another buffer.
 "This could be something for the new association to get its teeth into."

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