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(August 13, 2010)
Dear Editors,
Many readers who voted in the parish poll earlier this year may be interested to hear that an extraordinary full town council meeting on Monday will be thrashing out this issue.
Anyone who opposes the idea of putting the town in hock for a generation and wasting millions on the little-loved Assembly Rooms should attend or let their councillors know their opinions in advance.
While the building may have a future if other agencies become involved and provide realistic funding, it is surely too much for a ‘parish council’ to take on this huge liability, especially in uncertain economic times.
We don’t know how much the Assembly Rooms will cost us to run in future but we can be sure that there will be further structural problems to resolve and these will cost far more than our council estimates.
Other more pressing calls on the town council’s finances will most certainly arise over the next 25 years but the albatross of the Assembly Rooms will fetter the ability of future town councillors to help.
The past few years which have seen the escalating charges at the Assembly Hall price out most users does not fill me with a sense of confidence – clearly those in charge have no concept of 'elasticity of demand'.
Yours sincerely,
Steve Dancey
21 Newport

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