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Double the fun as Warminster carnival gets film star treatment

(October 03, 2010)
WARMINSTER will join the 'big boys' of the autumn carnival circuit as a film crew that covers the prestigious Bridgwater illuminated pageant will be in town to cover ours.
The carnival in Warminster, on the last Saturday of October, is sandraa 'not to be missed' major event in the local diary which in recent years has been threatened but now is doubled and  lasting a fortnight.
A stalwart of the Warminster carnival committee, Sandra Major, told visionforwarminster that the event was  going to be recorded and available for sale, and for the first time there will be two weeks of fun.
"Moving Arts TV actually film Bridgwater and other big carnivals and they will be in Warminster on the day," revealed Sandra. 
"I was so pleased when Sandra told me this afternoon that it will now be on offer as a souvenir," said Paul Macdonald.
"How many of us have family and friends that have taken part in one way or another over the years? I have something to add to my Christmas stocking filler list of presents to give."
The carnival is part of the Wessex Grand Prix Circuit which started on 14 August and travels through Mere, Frome, Shaftesbury, Gillingham, Castle Cary, and Trowbridge before concluding in Warminster.
(Wellington Carnival is joined by Ilminster, Chard and Taunton holding their carnivals as part of the South Somerset Federation).
Another first is a 'carnival' display in the car park by the Assembly Hall for three hours provisionally planned to start at 1pm.
The event will support two good causes. The 'Rose Trust' set up by local businessman David Deacon and the Salisbury Hospice.
"We do need more collectors and still need marshals on the day," added Sandra. "Please phone me on (01985) 217050 or e-mail me on [email protected]"
*pictured Sandra (left) with Mary and Sally (r)

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