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recycling not just a paper and glass issue

(October 14, 2010)
Householders who have seen their need for a mini-recycling centre closer to home championed by two community campaigners have less than a week to hear whether the council will now come to their door.
"There are no plans for a mini recycling centre in the western side of Warminster," says a Wiltshire Council officer in answer to a request from Paul Macdonald and May Law.
The recycling issue was brought to the fore by visionforwarminster co-author Paul Macdonald who constantly found the current municipal car park sites overflowing creating a 'cardboard city' (hot topic - April 26th and others).
"However, a new waste scheme for Wiltshire is being proposed to Cabinet on 19th October which, if approved, would see plastic bottle and cardboard recycling collections at the kerbside for all households implemented from June 2011.
"If this was approved, plastic bottles, cardboard, cans, tins, aerosols, foil, textiles, paper and glass would all be collected for recycling at the kerbside from all properties (including flats), making the prospect of additional mini recycling sites redundant."
Paul was then approached by tenants and residents representative May Law with a suggested extra site in the Masefield Road area of town.
"I am pleased that Wiltshire Council have come to realise that so many of us want to do our best and that the recycling issue is not just a paper and glass exercise," says Paul.
"Our family efforts have seen me put the sorts of items mentioned for doorstep collection in the boot of the car most times I need to drive.
"As a result the general waste bin for the fortnightly collection has not been full. This time a big thumbs-up is ready for Wiltshire Council."

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